How It Works

Taking our EURUSD (5M x 700) / 4 at (5M x 24) model as an example:

Using live market data (i.e. EURUSD price) on an interval (i.e.Five Minutes or 5M), AI FX and Equity process the recent intervals (i.e. 700 intervals) over four subsets (i.e. 700 intervals / 4 subsets) producing Complex Statistics which because of the subsets, also express momentum.

The results are presented to Artificial Intelligence to Signal what the PIP Change will be at (i.e. the price at the end of) a Horizon (i.e. after a further 24 intervals have gone by).

  • Complex Statistics: On an interval an instrument’s current price and recent activity is captured, AI FX and Equity perform real-time Data Mining to aggregate the financial instrument price. This creates an enormous amount of Complex Statistics that describe the environment surrounding the price. As Complex Statistics are perfomed several times, across evenly increasing subsets, the Complex Statistics when weighted \ biased by Artificial Intelligence can express momentum.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI FX and Equity deploy cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence upon the Complex Statistics to create PIP Change Signals.

  • Always Streaming: AI FX and Equity models do not work like the other Signal providers who wait on a defined opportunity. Such is the sophistication of our AI and the breadth of our database, a PIP Change Signal is produced and streamed on each interval. The PIP Change Signal describes both the direction and magnatude expected within the Horizon.

  • Automated Positions: AI FX and Equity can take positions automatically. On each interval, AI FX and Equity automatically adds components to a Centralised Position. Position Components are removed on Horizon or upon breach of Stop Loss or Take Profit. User control over the number of contracts added to the Centralised Position on each interval asserts risk appetitie and subjective judgment.

  • Retraining and Sensitivity Monitoring: All AI FX and Equity models evolve—retrain—themselves. Thus, they automatically keep abreast of the nuances of the market or financial instrument inside the boundaries of the AI topology and inputs selected. Charts explain when the model was last retrainined, the raw correlations before retraining and information about what the Artificial Inteligence is sensitive to after retraining.

  • Custom Model Creation: Create models using a bespoke combination of Financial Instrument, Interval, Interval Retention and Subsets Analysis. When custom models are trained using the default Inputs and Artificial Intelligence Topology - this most available Inputs being passed for training using the default Artifical Inteligence Topology - up to three custom models are available at no extra cost. Optionally, custom models can be "Deep Search" whereby computationaly expensive processing will take place on our dedicated servers, testing thousands of variations in Inputs and Artificial Inteligence Topology, to create an optimal model.

  • Transparent Performance Monitoring: AI FX and Equity presents a journal of the PIP Change Signal vs. the actual PIP Change observed on Horizon for each interval.

  • API: An Outbound API is available so that AI FX and Equity Signals can be pulled over HTTP using software such as MT4 or MultiCharts. An Inbound API is available so that custom, proprietary of exotic price data can be pushed to AI FX and Equity for use in Custom Models.

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Q: How do you communicate with me?

A: We have a Live Chat service which can provide instant support. You can also email us via We will email you regularly about the performance and retraining of our models.
Q: Why don't you use it yourself?

A: We use the software for real trading from time to time. We find that focusing on quantitative analytics and our customers needs is a more rewarding use of our time. We endeavour to provide a high quality quantitative only service.
Q: How do I enable automated trading?

A: Automated trading is controlled though the Signals page. The automated trading functionality will add a specified number of contracts to your position every interval with a Stop Loss and Take Profit offset in PIPS, known as as Position Components (although they tend to be small positions at the broker if they do not enforce FIFO). The Position Component will be closed automatically on the Horizon. It follows that a Centralised Position is maintained for which the user maintains supervision. To enable this feature the user must have an account with a broker that supports AI FX and Equity Endpoint. The user then adds the AI FX and Equity Endpoint Key to the account to start automated trading.
Q: Can I Set and Forget?

A: Not really. AI FX and Equity can work automatically at all time during market hours. We of course strive for models tht are profitable overall although Artificial Intelligence is most reliable when it augments human judgment. As a cornerstone of the AI FX and Equity trading methodology we add Position Components to a Centralised Position which is subject to human supervision at all times. The size of these Position Components (in contracts) should embody the subjective input and risk management from the user.
Q: How do I recieve the Signal?

A: There are three ways in which the Signal can be received. Firstly the Signal is streamed to the user interface on each Interval. Secondarily the Signal can be pulled via the API to embed the Signal in charting software (such as MT4 or MultiCharts). Lastly the Signal can be "Pushed" to a supported Broker via AI FX and Equity Endpoint, making automated trading possible.
Q: How long is the contract?

A: The contract is monthly in advance. Cancellation is any time before your next billing date. Cancellation is done by emailing
Q: How often are models trained for the prevailing market conditions?

A: It depends. We first need to perform a Deep Search to evaluate an enormous amount of data to determine what the most useful Complex Statistics are. Sometimes this transpires to be just twenty Complex (sometimes Simple) Statistics othertimes many thousands. Aside from selecting the Complex Statistics we also determine the most approproate AI topology. The Deep Search process involves the creation of tens of thousands of experimental models and is computationaly expensive. We Deep Search when a model degrades in performance and \ or on a subjective interval. Models which have fewer Complex Statistics will need to be Deep Searched more often than Models with many more Complex Statistics (as this will implicitly happen in Retraining). Retraining of the selected AI Topology and Complex Statistics takes place automatically and constantly. Retraining can take as little time as 10 minutes to many days depending on model complexity.
Q: How often do I get a Signal?

A: Unlike other Signal services, a Signal is produced on each interval expressing PIP Change as direction (i.e. plus or minus) and magnitude (i.e. the number of PIPS Signaled).
Q: What currency pairs do you offer?

A: Major FX pairs and Index CFD's such as EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, GBPUSD, DAX, WS and Gold. We can add many more subject to the availability of the desired pair at one of our partner brokers. You can configure new models very quickly based upon your requirements. It takes some time for the data to aggregate and for the model to become reliable. We don't like Training, Retraining or Deep Searching with any less than a months data having been aggregated by and for the custom model, although we can do subject to your wishes.
Q: Are you a broker? Are you Regulated?

A: AI FX and Equity is not a broker nor are we regulated. We partner with Brokers to facilitate automated trading via the AI FX and Equity Endpoint. We are very selective about the brokers we partner with. AI FX and Equity does not work with brokers that maintain "B Books" for trades made via the AI FX and Equity Endpoint. AI FX and Equity Endpoint trades will always be routed on a STP (Straight Through Processing) basis.
Q: How do I know it works?

A: AI FX and Equity create Signals on each interval and maintain an extremely comprehensive journal of our models success and failure.
Q: What is your background?

A: AI FX and Equity are data analysts. The team have spent over ten years creating models and Artificial Intelligence systems for banks.
Q: How does it react to News?

A: Advice is to close or reduce the Centralised Position around news. AI FX and Equity does not automatically factor in News.
Q: How does it react to Support and Resistance Levels?

A: The Support and Resistance is factored into the models to a certain extent via the Complex Statistics. Advice is to monitor levels and reduce the contracts to be added around these levels, perhaps closing or reducing the Centralised Position. Be aware of pshycological levels, round numbers, as these are not factored in to the models.
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